In Appreciation: The Incredible String Band

A Lifetime Is Required

isb-posterChristmas was approaching during my final year of high school.  One Saturday evening a group of my art-school-bound friends and I went off to a nearby college campus for a lab theater production .  (It was either Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape or a double bill of Terrence McNally’s Botticelli and Israel Horovitz’s RATS!; either way a good evening of theater.)  But the most memorable and important moment of the night came before the house lights even dimmed.

There was music playing over the PA system in the small theater, something that I didn’t recognize at all, but something exciting that pulled my attention away from my friends’ conversation.  Finally I asked if anyone knew what we were hearing, and Karen told me it was the Incredible String Band’s new album (it was Changing Horses, released in November 1969).  She owned a couple earlier records by them, and would be happy to…

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