Susan King – “A Monkees ‘Head’ Trip” (2008)

The Beat Patrol

From Nov. 12, 2008, this article from the Los Angeles Times looks back on the 40th year anniversary of The Monkees’ psychedelic surrealistic film Head,which may have bombed at the time, but later became a cult classic. This stream-of-consciousness film is a revelation to anyone who has only ever seen their TV show…

Forty years ago, the Monkees’ only feature film, Head, hit theaters – and people have been scratching their heads ever since.

Though far from a masterpiece like the Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night from 1964, the film, starring Davy Jones, Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz and Michael Nesmith, is a surreal time capsule – a psychedelic, stream-of-consciousness blast from the past. It’s as if Jean Cocteau had consumed lots of LSD and decided to make a rock movie. Only its true history is a lot trippier, considering that Jack Nicholson wrote the script and a…

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“The Kid Was A Killer” by Caryl Chessman


Kid Killer3

I will never again complain about dead lines or  crappy writing conditions. Caryl Chessman, for those of you out of the loop on your history was on California’s Death Row having been convicted as the Red Light Bandit when he penned this little bit of trivia. He reportedly finished his only novel (although he did write three non fiction books) while awaiting his execution in the gas chamber in 1953 but the manuscript was confiscated and locked in the wardens safe until 1960 when, as California’s longest serving death row inmate he was finally executed.

The book is actually not that good, but much like it’s author, it is brilliant in places, preachy in a lot more places, again, like it’s author is is ultimately undone by trying to get too cute; tries to justify anti social actions, takes off into a fantasy world, and has a morality that wouldn’t…

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