Underground meets overground

Acid Heroes

I’ve had a lot of odd life experiences.  I’ve lived on Skid Row.  And I interviewed the cartoonist Charles Schulz at his studio in Santa Rosa.  And a bunch of other stuff in between.

After the interview I gave Shulz a bunch of underground comic books as I gift.  I looked at it as a summit meeting.  Underground cartoonists meet overground cartoonists.  His studio was like a museum of the history of comics, with books of comics on shelves all the way to the ceiling.   I wanted to add underground comix to his collection.

One of the comics I gave him was Dirty Laundry Comics by R. Crumb and Aline Kominsky.  Charles Schulz leafed through the Dirty Laundry comic book.  Until he came to the big splash panel where Aline is having sex and achieving orgasm while screaming:  “AYEEE YI YI KILL ME KILL ME!!” with sweat pouring off her…

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