FREDDY KING “Blues Guitar Hero” Vol 1 (The Influential Early Sessions) & Vol 2 (More Influential Federal Recordings)…

FREDDY KING “Blues Guitar Hero” Vol 1 (The Influential Early Sessions)

For many years I have been collecting music from the beginning and early stages of Rock N’ Roll. I have found the exact music where BLUES meet Rock N’ Roll on Freddie King’s Blues Guitar Hero: The Influential Early Sessions. I can still remember the times when some of these Freddie King BLUES songs were played on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, along with early Rock N’ Roll hits. Fourteen of the first fifteen songs on Blues Guitar Hero, volume one, are Freddie King’s most famous hits. These fourteen songs are duplicated on two of the other Freddie King cds that I own, Ultimate Collection and Freddy King Sings. These fourteen songs are simply the BEST BLUES MUSIC that I have ever heard! The last eight songs on Blues Guitar Hero, volume one are nearly as outstanding, and gain more credos from me every time I listen to them. There is only one song on Blues Guitar Hero that I have any misgiving about. Blues Guitar Hero, volume one is the most comprehensive collection of Freddie King’s best music that I own! Blues Guitar Hero also has outstanding sound quality, perhaps better sound quality than any other Freddie King cd that I own. Blues Guitar Hero very clearly shows us why Freddie King, not B. B. King, is the true King of the Blues. Freddie King is both an outstanding singer and an outstanding guitar player. (B. B. King in his prime was no more than a good singer and a good guitar player.) Freddie King’s voice is in its best form on this cd! Blues Guitar Hero, volume one is a FANTASTIC BLUES CD and I most highly recommend it to you! Let me note that there is also a Blues Guitar Hero, volume two, should you simply fall in love with volume one. (Amazon)

01 Hide Away 02 Lonesome Whistle Blues 03 San-Ho-Zay 04 I_m Tore Down 05 See See Baby 06 Christmas Tears 07 You_ve Got To Love Her With A Feeling 08 Have You Ever Loved A Woman 09 You Know That You Love Me 10 I Love The Woman 11 It_s Too Bad Things Are Going So Tough 12 Sen-Sa-Shun 13 If You Believe In What You Do 14 Takin_ Care Of Business 15 The Stumble 16 Sittin_ On The Boat Dock 17 Side Tracked 18 What About Love 19 Come On 20 Just Pickin 21 I_m On My Way To Atlanta 22 In The Open 23 (The Welfare) Turns Its Back On You 24 She Put The Whammy On Me
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FREDDY KING “Blues Guitar Hero” Vol 2 (More Influential Federal Recordings)

A great followup to the best-selling Blues Guitar Hero, Vol. 1 compilation, featuring the best of the remaining singles & album tracks from the same early to mid-60s sessions for Federal & King. Star-studded accompanists include Lonnie Mack & Fred Jordan (guitars), Clifford Scott & Gene Redd (saxophones), Sonny Thompson (piano) & Phillip Paul (drums). During this period King was influencing British disciples Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Peter Green & Jeff Beck. (Amazon)Anyone who spends at least six straight months devotedly listening to, enjoying, studying, and thinking about the BLUES, as I have just done, learns many important things. The BLUES is a very enjoyable form of popular music that has an extended history in the USA. Many of the early BLUES’ legends were not greatly talented singers or guitar players. The sound of early BLUES was simple and raw, so great voices and great guitar skills were not then needed. However, from the early 1950’s to the late 1960’s there arose the true KING OF THE BLUES, and his name was Freddie King! Freddie King was both a truly outstanding vocalist and a truly outstanding guitar player. Every song that Freddie King played and sang during those years when he recorded for Federal and King was a fantastic song for three important reasons. First, all of these songs were fantastic because they were all played and sung by Freddi King, who was the most talented bluesman (both blues singer and blues guitar player) that ever lived! Second, Freddie King was in his highest prime, that is, his skills were most highly developed and thus most obvious to music listeners, when he was recording for Federal and King. Third, all of these songs were fantastic because it was in the early music of Freddie King that we first realize the true blending of BLUES music with Rock N Roll music! This symbiosis of BLUES and Rock music created a particular sound and a particular form of music that was so very, very appealing to others that it remains today the most highly appealing music for many people who carefully listen to and study the BLUES. Since you are reading this review, I assume that you too are a BIG fan of Freddie King. Perhaps you have already enjoyed Blues Guitar Hero volume one and are wondering about purchasing volume two. If you are indeed such a person, I’m sure that you will agree with me that Blues Guitar Hero volume one is an outstanding cd. I’m here to inform you that Blues Guitar Hero volume two is also outstanding. Most of the songs on Blues Guitar Hero volume two are not as well known as are many of the songs on volume one. However, all of the songs on Blues Guitar Hero volume two are also fantastic songs that you will highly enjoy if, and only if, you are also a BIG fan of Freddie King. (Amazon)

01 Over Drive 02 Full Time Love 03 Now I’ve Got A Woman 04 Onion Rings (alt.) 05 You Can’t Hide 06 Teardrops On Your Letter 07 Heads Up (alt.) 08 You Mean Mean Woman (How Can Your Love Be True) 09 Some Other Day, Some Other Time 10 Wash Out (alt.) 11 Meet Me At The Station 12 Someday After Awhile (You’ll Be Sorry) 13 Out Front 14 She’s The One 15 Look, Ma I’m Cryin’ 16 Bossa Nova Blues 17 I Love You More Every Day 18 Walk Down That Aisle (Honey Chile) (alt.) 19 High Rise (alt.) 20 Double Eyed Wammy 21 Use What You’ve Got 22 Girl From Kookamunga 23 You’ve Got Me Licked 24 Remington Ride (alt.)
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