CHRIS WILSON & HIS GROOVIN’ FLAMES – September 5, 2006 Le Paris Paris

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CHRIS WILSON & HIS GROOVIN’ FLAMES – September 5, 2006 Le Paris Paris, Paris, France

January 13, 2011 by dajchance

1. band introduction

2. Yes I Am

3. All I Wanted

4. Yeah My Baby

5. Let Me Rock

6. Between The Lines

7. You Tore Me Down

8. In The USA

9. Take Me Back

10. Shake Some Action

11. I’ll Cry Alone

12. I Can’t Hide

13. Teenage Head

14. Slow Death

15. First Plane Home

16. Jumpin’ In The Night

17. When I Heard Your Name

18. Feel A Whole Lot Better

     Chris Wilson was a former member of The Flamin’ Groovies. In 2005 he started performing concerts as The Groovin’ Flames. The band included members of The Barracudas, The Scientists, The Scoundrelles & The Silver Chapter: Chris Wilson – guitar; Rob Coyne – guitar; Tony Thewlis – guitar; Joe Presedo – bass; Yan Quellien – drums. The Groovin’ Flames performed until November 2006 when they parted ways. Thus, here you have a rare glimpse of the band in an excellent sounding audience recording from a private show in a very small club. The band photo above was taken the night before this performance. Chris Wilson’s home page. 

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