Pete Myers – The Mad Daddy


Dehumidifier- Immaculate Conception Record Hop – The Mad Daddy


Record Rendezvous Ads – Mad Daddy


Pete “Mad Daddy” Myers – What Is a Fisteris?

Pete “Mad Daddy” Myers (1928-1968), was a popular Cleveland radio personality and radio DJ in the late 50s and 60s, and a major pioneer in rock history.

This beatnik-styled flop is his only record done under the alias “The Joker” in 1959.



Pete “Mad Daddy” Myers – I Love a Good Practical Joke


The flip side of Pete “Mad Daddy” Myers’ sole 45.



Pete “Mad Daddy” Myers – Zoomeratin Alphabet



“Mad Daddy” Pete Myers

The mad daddy of Cleveland horror movie hosts, Pete Myers, in action here in a commercial spot on his hugely popular radio show back in the late 1950’s. He was an unmistakable influence on Ernie “Ghoulardi” Anderson (who had worked with Myers) when Ernie began hosting horror movies himself in 1963. Moving to New York, his Mad Daddy persona eventually fell out of favor, and he took his own life in 1968.



Dick Liberatore’s 1967 Phone Interview with “Mad Daddy” – in 2 parts

From Feb. 12, 1967, here is a phone interview between two Cleveland DJ’s – Dick Liberatore, who was doing his “Big Beat” Oldies show on WERE-FM at the time, made a phone call to Cleveland 50s legend Pete “Mad Daddy” Myers, who was working in New York at that time. “Mad Daddy” had a wild and wacky radio show on both WJW and WHK in Cleveland. Only old-timers and radio buffs know of “Mad Daddy,” and this phone interview is truly a piece of radio history!! I put some recent pix of Dick Liberatore, who is now living in Las Vegas, on her just to have some visuals with this audio clip. And, along with the interview, you’ll hear Dick talking and reading some live commercials. Sadly, Pete Myers took his own life in September of 1968. 




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