Twilight Zone: “Cough Syrup for Elvis Impersonators”

(see comments)

“I promised Cough Syrup a couple of weeks ago, apologies. Thanks for such an awesomely brilliant blog, just something small in return…”

1. Pot Party – Dr Cough 2. Shaggy Dog – Mickey Lee Lane 3. Land of Promises – Eddie Cash 4. Aftershave Lotion – Al Hendrix 5. Santa Doesn’t Cop out on Dope – Martin Mull 6. Honey Hush – John Hampton 7. The Day I Remember – Mad Jack 8. Mean Jean – Andre Williams 9. Valerie – Jackie & Starlites 10. Take It Off – Groundhog Richardson 11. Tomorow You’re Gone – Hasil Adkins 12. Heartbreak Hotel – Buddy Love 13. Green Mosquito – Tune Rockers 14. It’s Just That Song – Charlie Feathers
…served by Rich Kidd…

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