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kevin ayers live in bremen 1976. a way too short radio broadcast for you to fall in love again.

and though the music he released in 1976 was rather boring kevin ayers still was a very lovable and fascinating entity live on stage. on the 19th of august northwestgerman radio bremen recorded an evening with kevin ayers live at the famous postaula in bremen of which at least seven songs were broadcasted some days later. though we can only guess who was with him that evening it is most likely that ollie halsall played guitar, bill livsey probably was on keyboards, charlie mccracken played bass and rob townsend sat in on drums (any information on the flute player is welcome). the last song is a fragment, but it is interesting and sadly nostalgic to hear christian günther again, a linking anchor man for strange and popular music in the late sixties, who later on was the stadium announcer for werder bremen and who died rather untimely in 2001.

ja: christian günther: kaum to underestimate. but back to kevin ayers: here is what you are going to hear:

– may i?
– whatevershebringswesing
– shouting in a bucket blues
– observations
– lady rachel
– blue
– mister cool (fragment with christian günther)

kevin ayers live in bremen 1976-08-19
(mp3 / 320 kbps / direct download / no scans)

download as FLAC via megaupload (260 mb)


why do we waste our time listening to kevin ayers and lol coxhill?

why do we waste our time listening to kevin ayers and lol coxhill? – if you are asking your beautiful selves this question you might be reading the wrong blog, bloke! why do we waste our time listening tokevin ayers and lol coxhill? because we can and yes we can! and for your and my listening pleasure here are some obscure tracks i found in the black holes of my collection.

in 1996 the british band ultramarine released their version of hymn, a kevin ayers song to be found on his fourth album bananamour. and though i never heard their version of hymn i bought the remixes and they are quite interesting.
the collection does not only include mixes by the likes of µ-ziq, luke slater, paul sampson, mekon and mouse on mars, but also a new 1994 recording of the song by the ultramarine big band. recorded on the 10th of may 1994. the band featured kevin ayers on vocals, lol coxhill on soprano sax, jimmy hastings on clarinet and included simon kay on organ, jay posner on congas, jim rattigan on accordion and paul sampson on guitars. your copy of this collection of re-mixes and re-models can be found here(mp3 at 256 kbps, 73 mb, add-supported download)
and though this was rather nice: there is even more fun. on the 31st of january 1971 david bedford visited lol coxhill in his rehearsal room. (and all the internet kids say: “yeah! lol! ROFL & LOL!”) they had some kind of fun doing a version of two little pigeons (4 mb, direct download). and last but not least i found one minute from 1969: lol coxhill busking at piccadilly circus and getting busted by the police as part of a “swinging london”-video broadcasted on german television the same year. well…


lady june, lol coxhill, steve hillage, david bedford, tim blake, archie leggett. live 1972.

the early seventies of the last century surprisingly enough were some very interesting times for non-linear (art)rock and anti-(under)dogmatic improvisation. the gap between hippie and punk left a lot of space for social and sonic experiments and experiences of all kind. the sub- & contextualizations of kraut and canterbury were two of the gestating corner stones of the dawning of a new error. and though tubular bells and the faust tapes influenced millions of forthcoming generations: success and a fortiori commercial success was inaccessible and inacceptable. great times we had!

in 1975 i bought “lady june´s linguistic leprosy” in a cut-out sell-out in a german department store. and though brian eno was mentioned on the cover i had no idea what to expect and i still can not delineate what kind of sounds these were that i have been listening to many times since then. the music was far beyond my teenage stockhausen and stooges experience.

june campbell cramer was born in plymouth on the 3rd of june 1931. she was a poet trying to stretch the limitation of “words” and to spread the illumination of vivisected “words”. in 1971 she created lady june. most of her work remains undiscovered, obscure, noncommittal and discreet with only very few traceable occurences. here is one.

ICES. the international carnival of experimental sounds. in 1972 lady june was part of an experimental tribal meeting at the london roundhouse. she performed a linguistic leprosy with david bedford (keyboards and), lol coxhill (soprano sax), steve hilledge (born hillage, of course, on guitars), tim blake (synthesizer and), archie leggett (bass), bobby stignac (percussion), tim cresswell (???), daevid allen (gong-guitars), jugglers, fireeaters and clowns (puke!). this copy of a second generation cassette tape starts and ends as harsh as it does.
side a, 224 kbps, 47:35, 78 mb
side b, 224 kbps, 47:38, 78 mb

alternate download side a
alternate download side b

some more (kevin ayers, david bedford, lol coxhill, mike oldfield, mick fincher, ollie halsall, archie leggett, chris spedding, robert wyatt, brian eno… [just kidding…]): may i?


david bedford, robert wyatt, kevin ayers, lol coxhill, mike oldfield and the london sinfonietta: the garden of love 1970

the garden of love was originally written by david bedford in 1963 for an ensemble including flute, horn, clarinet, trumpet, double bass, dancers and a rock band. on the 26th of september 1970 he performed this composition at the queen elizabeth hall in london withkevin ayers and the whole world, the legendary rock ensemble he was part of in these times and played keyboards with. other members of the band and performers on stage included of course kevin ayers on guitar, mike oldfield on guitar and bass, lol coxhill on saxophone,robert wyatt on drums, five members of the london sinfonietta on the aforementioned flute, horn, clarinet, trumpet and double bass plus “six beautiful girls for dancing and turning pages”.

a cd recording of this performance was only released posthumously byvoiceprint in 1997, has since been deleted from their catalogue and is unavailable by the time being.

 35 mb rar-file, 20 minutes mp3 with 224 kbps

download with divshare
download with mediafire

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