Steve Aydt’s Reign of Toads (1990)

Steve Aydt’s Reign of Toads (1990) PART ONE

dashuzoff  January 20, 2010 — A Whitebread Production. Very strange zero-budget Sci-fi short from a bunch of North Texas weirdos. Technicians from the future are harvesting Henry’s dreams. He vows to resist, with the help of Rodrigo Trend, a redneck who lives in a bullet-riddled ice cream truck; an immortal Gnostic, a beatnik, and Dark Bubba, Lord of the Superhighway. A friend of mine appears in this. 
Written, Directed and Produced by Steve Aydt
Original Score by Gavin Smith
Starring: Kenneth Weinert, Carl Guderian, Gavin Smith, Kandi Morley, Todd Williams, Lisa Forsythe
Special Guest Star T. Tex Edwards as Dark Bubba
With P.C. “Gator” Falk as Rodrigo Trend
Narration by Carsten Lueck
Special Thanks to Carl Guderian & The Bureau of Control
When in Euless, Texas be sure to visit the Trinity River
T. Tex Edwards can be heard on his current LP release “Pardon Me, But I’ve Got Someone To Kill” available in all fine record stores.

Steve Aydt’s Reign of Toads (1990) PART TWO


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