Crypt of the Cramps: Lux Imitates Art Imitating Lux Imitating Other Art…

MONDAY, MAY 17, 2010

Lux Imitates Art Imitating Lux Imitating Other Art

(Above) “Nude Descending a Staircase No. 2” (1912) by Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp
 was a French/American artist whose work is most often associated with the Dadaist and Surrealist movements. Duchamp’s output influenced the development of post-World War I Western art. He advised modern art collectors, such as Peggy Guggenheim and other prominent figures, thereby helping to shape the tastes of Western art during this period.[1] A playful man, Duchamp challenged conventional thought about artistic processes and art marketing, not so much by writing, but through subversive actions such as dubbing a urinal art and naming it Fountain. He produced relatively few artworks, while moving quickly through the avant-garde circles of his time.


Duchamp once said, “The creative act is not performed by the artist alone; the spectator brings the work in contact with the external world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qualifications and thus adds his contribution to the creative act.”

(Above) “(Almost) Nude Lux Descending an Ivy”
“Lux is really into Duchamp. He has read every biography and autobiography written. I think if Duchamp hadn’t died in Lux’s lifetime, I’d think that Lux was reincarnated as Duchamp.”
–Poison Ivy, 1995

Click link at top of post to see video of:
“Naked Girl Falling Down the Stairs”
The Cramps

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