power pop criminals: BOMP ISSUE #18 (March 1978)



BOMP ISSUE #18 (March 1978)

 Greg Shaw did a lot to Power Pop to be more popular (as pop music meaned it in the 60’s with The Fab Four).
Bomp magazine was started in 1970 by Greg Shaw, who had previously edited and published Mojo-Navigator Rock & Roll News, one of the earliest rock fanzines. Originally called “Who Put the Bomp“, the new zine was to be different; not a news sheet at all, but a place where serious fans and professional critics could talk openly about music, its culture, and the rock press. The first issues were slim, hand- printed, and of very limited circulation. Issue #16 (early ’77) was a transitional one, until this famous #18 with the classic “Power Pop!” front page.

Format PDF – Acrobat Reader 5.0 and others
bookmarks added – direct access to features
complete issue: 72 pages !!! (vintage advertisements included)
size: 28mb

You still can listen to vintage Bomp compilations posted here on PPC
Waves Vol 1 (1979)
Waves Vol 2 (1980)
Vampire From Outer Space (1979)



Anonymous said…

it’s hard to explain how influential this issue was to guys like me in 1978 when it came out….i remember reading it back to front, hundreds of times, learning about all this great music that, sadly, in suburban Philadelphia, was all but impossible to find…between this, and buying “Raspberries Best” in teh summer of 1976, THIS was the start of it all for me…..AWESOME post!!! jim horan

KingSizeMong said…

It’s kind of freaky how much the dude on the cover looks like ex UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, making a sex face. Shudder.

Interesting read though. Thanks for sharing.

draftervoi said…

I’ve got a copy of this issue down in the basement. Shaw’s editorial stance was “Now that we’ve got punk rock out of our system, we can make real music again,” which didn’t go over all that well with the punk-rock crowd.

Anonymous said…

Wow, thanks! A beautiful piece of history, here.


Anonymous said…

VERY COOL! thanks!!

Anonymous said…

I don’t understand, why is former British Prime Minister Tony Blair on the front cover? 🙂

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